Sagebrush Connection

About David T. Whiting

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the Sagebrush Connection, for herein you will find a story that defines its name.

Having grown up in the Salmon River Valley of Lemhi County, Idaho, I developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of my surroundings. While growing up much of my time was spent absorbing the beauty of the rugged mountains that created the backdrop for my life.

I was a fortunate young man because my father did much of his work in the mountains. Because of this, I had the opportunity to spend my summers observing the wild creatures that called them home. It was in this setting that I developed a deep love for nature.

One summer we were camped in Brushy Gulch near North fork Idaho. After returning to camp from picking up supplies in town, I recall finding the screen door of our small camp trailer destroyed by a bear. Later that week, in the middle of the night while sound asleep, I was startled by a noise outside the window at the head of my bed. As I sat up in bed and looked out the window, I came face to face with a black bear. I am not sure which of us felt the most surprise.

Then there was the time Dad was working near Meyers Cove, Idaho, near the edge of the Idaho primitive area. The beauty of Castle Creek astounded me as I watched the Salmon come to spawn in the crystal clear water. I can only imagine the difficulty they faced traveling upstream in their return for that purpose.

The experiences I have had could fill a book. However now is not the time, nor the place but I hope this simple introduction will help define how I have become who I am today. Suffice it to say, that I have often found myself looking for words to describe the world that we share.

I believe in a supreme Creator, a master scientist if you will, who created this world for us to experience and enjoy. It is with this belief that I observe those things around me and show respect for the often-intricate design of each. It is so easy to destroy, but I ask, who can create such as this?

In photography and poetry, I have found a way to share with others the treasures that I see. Sometimes I feel regret while capturing a beautiful picture because it lacks the scents and sounds that give it life. It is with our own memories that we revive the moments we have experienced while viewing the art of others. It is through these memories, and our imagination, that we find appreciation for their work. It is with this explanation that I invite you to share with me those moments.

- David T. Whiting